i raise my hand glorious

Agave kills a lion. Does she remember?

Pentheus cannot sleep. What does he want?

Dionysus wants to be seen. How does he appear?

There, at the chair they meet, to tell their stories.

Two actors. An empty space. “The banks of this broad river, where the city ends and the wild begins, a place poised between two worlds”
Here, where dreams, memories, fantasies of usurping the throne, of looking upon the city, of revelling in chaos, of being torn apart, of craving, of losing the throne emerge, they cannot forget yet cannot quite remember.

performed by: Tatiana Bre, Göze Saner

dramaturgy: Göze Saner, Marilena Zaroulia

texts by: Andreini (Le Bravure del Capitano Spavento), Albert Camus (Caligula), Giorgos Seferis (Mythistorema)

musical advice: Dimitra Trypani