hear me

Hear Me is about three women who, driven to the forest, find themselves in a Bacchic rite, just as the three of us have found ourselves performing together.  As the women struggle between the need to belong to this communal freedom and the need to appear apart from and above the others, each one relates her dream—how she has tyrannized and been tyrannized.   Their dreams are not theirs only, they are the stories of Icarus, Persephone, and Agave.

directed by: Göze Saner
performed by: Anna Garefalaki, Alexia Kokkali, Göze Saner
texts by: Friedrich Nietzsche, Odysseas Elytis
music: traditional Greek and Turkish tunes

13 July 2005
New Perspectives on Ancient Pantomime, Oxford University, Oxford

Work demonstration
‘Archetypal Action in Training: An Exercise in Focus’
11 December 2005
Noh Theatre, Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey