the truth about the tyrant

the truth about the tyrant is a  fifty-minute solo promenade performance which traces the journey of a clown who wishes to recount the tale of a tyrant, yet forgets, and remembers almost accidentally through the way he reacts in different encounters on the way.  Weaving through a multiplicity of moments and spaces—each of which draws on a central object and a specific mode of relationship between actor and spectator—the performance explores the generici of the tyrant by incorporating various texts, moments, and physical forms including Camus’ Caligula and Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Capitano Spavento’s lunch with Death and Henry Miller’s clown sitting at the foot of a ladder trying to bestow eternal bliss on his spectators, a precise way of sitting from a personal dream on ‘becoming’ the tyrant and the song of Xenophon’s tyrant forever needing to be loved.