what happened to the tyrant

Combining story-telling and clown with a detailed physical vocabulary, what happened to the tyrant takes its audience on a promenade in a museum where the tyrant is carefully preserved… against his better judgement. Live tyrants are trapped here in this archive; moments of becoming-tyrant are pinned up like butterflies; tales of tyrannizing are put on display like relics from lands afar and days bygone.

So what happened to the tyrant—these tyrants? How did they each end up a Caligula, eyes locked on the moon, mind set on the impossible? Still trying to understand. What happened to him. What he himself did.

“ce monde, comme il est fait, n’est pas supportable. j’ai donc besoin de la lune.”

“this world, as it is, is unbearable. that’s why I need the moon.” Caligula

Katja Hilevaara (Video)
Deirdre Strath Clyde
Konstantinos Thomaidis
Göze Saner

Resident Spectators:
Marilena Zaroulia
Marissia Fragkou

Directed by: Göze Saner

Dramaturgy by: Marilena Zaroulia

In collaboration with:
Cis O’Boyle (Lighting Design)
Scott Robinson (Video)